Mary Open Doors



Mary Open Doors is a resource center/temporary shelter for battered women and children, located in Belize, Central America. We exist so that survivors of domestic violence know they have a choice and the possibility to have a safe place to turn to as a start to an independent future.

PURPOSE: To eliminate domestic violence in Belize.

MISSION: Mary Open Doors is committed to empowering and improving the well being of women and children affected by domestic violence in the Cayo District by providing a safe shelter, support, and domestic violence education.

PRINCIPLE: It is Mary Open Doors’ duty to serve clients with respect to their basic values of human dignity, integrity, confidentiality, and non-discrimination. Mary Open Doors provides direct assistance through temporary shelter and support for survivors of domestic violence.

VISION: For survivors of domestic violence to know that they have a safe place to go to and that they have a strong support group that can help them to start an empowered and positive future.